The field of sustainability can be shrouded in uncertainty, but one thing you can depend on is the increasing cost of energy. Businesses are realising that investing in energy efficiency can significantly reduce operating costs and drive productivity enhancements.

At Net Balance, we work with our clients to understand their energy use, identify underperforming areas, and unlock energy efficiency opportunities. We have a highly experienced team of energy efficiency auditors, equipment specialists, economists and engineers who have a detailed knowledge of the energy market and the regulatory environment. 

Our approach combines our technical engineering abilities with our business strategy experience to provide outcomes that deliver tangible benefits to our clients.  View examples of some of the work we have done for our clients.

We offer services across the following areas:

Energy strategy and modelling

Making the right energy supply and end-use efficiency decisions can have a strong influence on long-term profitability. Australian energy market futures are uncertain. This makes determining the right decision difficult, particularly when it requires capital investment.
Adopting a wait-and-see approach is not a solution. Delaying planning and action on energy issues increases an organisation’s exposure to energy and carbon price risks.
The challenge for senior executives is to do enough to develop a sustainable energy strategy, while avoiding short-term decisions that could damage long-term prospects. A sustainable energy strategy is important for all organisations.  
Net Balance can assist in the following ways:

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is well recognised as a way to address climate change and peak demand issues. However, with rising energy costs, it is also a way for businesses to reduce operating costs significantly. Net Balance works with clients to unlock energy efficiency opportunities, with a focus on delivering practical, innovative and financially prudent solutions.

Our team consists of registered auditors for the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) Energy Saver program and Sustainability Victoria’s (SV) Smarter Resources, Smarter Business Energy Efficiency Office Buildings program which provide subsidised energy audits for eligible businesses. We are uniquely qualified to provide a range of technical and professional energy services including:


Energy measurement and verification

Best practice energy management demands that energy efficiency enhancements are tracked over time to ensure they deliver the promised outcomes. Measurement and verification is also a key requirement of most energy efficiency grants programs.

Net Balance can help you develop a detailed measurement and verification plan, and execute that plan. We have a detailed understanding of monitoring techniques and technologies, and a deep theoretical knowledge of verification planning, what to measure, and how to measure it.