Strategy & Reporting

Sustainability is the discipline of managing a broad set of business risks and opportunities that influence an organisation’s performance and resilience in delivering value to its stakeholders. It requires a focus on a range of environmental, social, ethical, governance and business best practice issues.

Long-term value and excellence in sustainability requires three equally important and reinforcing elements to be in place and continually improved. They are:

  1. Strategy – a clear sustainability strategy that provides direction and focus on the key sustainability risks and opportunities, and is aligned and integrated with the organisation’s strategy.
  2. Implementation – robust policy, governance, management and measurement frameworks and systems to implement the sustainability strategy and monitor the organisation’s performance.
  3. Reporting – effective internal communication and external disclosure of sustainability performance and value created.

Underpinning these 3 elements is a robust Materiality Assessment regime that facilitates continuous strategic improvement as well as comprehensive and effective reporting.Our deep knowledge and experience of business, coupled with our proven strategic and technical expertise of all the key sustainability management and reporting frameworks, allows us to strengthen your organisations performance across each of the above elements, driving performance and value.

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A well-crafted sustainability strategy provides the overarching direction for integrating sustainability into the decisions, actions and behaviours of an organisation to create shared value - being value to shareholders, the organisation and other key stakeholders.

We offer services in the following areas:

Strategy Valuation - Business case development / Value and impact analysis.

Strategy Development -Stakeholder and materiality assessment / Competitor benchmarking / Strategy development.

Strategy Integration - Implementation planning / Integration into corporate, business and functional strategies.

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Embedding sustainability into day to day business practices and existing governance structures is an ongoing challenge for all organisations, even for those who are recognised leaders in the field.

Our team can assist you to effectively implement sustainability across the following dimensions:

People and Accountabilities - Governance model development / Establishing management accountabilities / Provision of ‘in-house’ resources.

Integration and Processes – Designing internal policies and processes / Change management support / Risk management frameworks.

Evaluation and Benchmarking – Program effectiveness and benchmark reviews / Establishing data management frameworks / Performance KPI and Scorecard development.

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Telling your organisation’s sustainability story is as important as presenting the right data.

We understand the role reporting plays in responding to material sustainability issues that are important to your key stakeholders.

Our solutions are tailored to your organisation, enabling you to choose the level of assistance you require in the following areas:

Planning - Reporting strategy development / Messaging and content development / Stakeholder engagement facilitation.

Doing - Project management / Report authoring and design / Survey submission preparation and reviews.

Reviewing - Review and copy-editing / Report benchmarking and effectiveness reviews / GRI gap analyses and reviews.

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Why Net Balance

We work with clients from a  range of different sectors, including; financial services, property, infrastructure, energy and utilities, manufacturing, mining, retail and telecommunications.

Our clients benefit from our practical and proven experience across all areas of sustainability:

Materiality and value-chain assessments

Corporate strategic alignment

Sustainability framework and policy development

Sustainability report development

Sustainability external surveys and submission preparation

Sustainability communications, branding and reputation

Stakeholder engagement

Shared value strategies

Value-tree and financial analysis

Total value frameworks.


Our credentials

Our team is made up of experts in the field with the following qualifications:

  •  GRI Reporting Framework accredited trainers and practitioners
  • AccountAbility AA1000  Series trained and certified
  • Shared Value and Net Positive strategy trained
  •  Integrated Reporting council representation
  • GRI stakeholder council and technical advisory committee representation
  • CR Index trained/preferred practitioners
  • ISO 26000 trained.

We apply internationally and locally recognised organisational sustainability frameworks including:

  • Integrated Reporting Framework
  • UN Principles of Responsible Investment
  • UN Global Compact
  •  Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  •  Equator Principles
  • IFC Performance Standards.