Strategy & Reporting

Sustainability is the discipline of managing a broad set of business risks and opportunities that influence an organisation’s performance and resilience in delivering value to its stakeholders. It requires a focus on a range of environmental, social, ethical, governance and business best practice issues.

Our Strategy & Reporting team have a deep knowledge and experience of business, coupled with proven strategic and technical expertise of all the key sustainability management and reporting frameworks, allowing us to strengthen your organisations performance across each element of Strategy, Implementation and Reporting, driving your organisations performance and value. 

Below are examples of work we have done for our clients.


In order to ensure that Brambles globally, was focused on the most important sustainability aspects, in relation to the corporate strategy and in the eyes of their key stakeholders (particularly customers), they engaged Net Balance to assist in the revision of the sustainability strategy.

The core aspect of this process was centred on a two-day workshop that involved the global sustainability working group comprised of executives and sustainability practitioners across Brambles’ pooling solutions businesses.  This included a facilitated session to build a revised sustainability strategic framework that would provide terms of reference for all sustainability related activities.

This in depth workshop allowed Brambles to revise its strategy and obtain executive approval to commence its execution. Net Balance assisted the Director of Sustainability throughout the process which involved taking the outcomes of the workshop and developing the vision, focus areas, initiatives and performance metrics of the strategy. The revised strategy is now integrated into and supports the corporate strategy and has provided more focus and effective use of resources in the delivery of Brambles’ sustainability objectives.


The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) Group engaged Net Balance to develop a refreshed sustainability strategy and framework.  Net Balance undertook the following activities to develop the strategy:

  • A detailed strategic diagnostic across the CBA Group to assess existing strategies and risks, material sustainability issues, current alignment to sustainability objectives, and longer term industry trends that could influence future sustainability strategies.
  • Developed a revised framework that included: a new strategic vision for sustainability, revised focus areas, clearly defined initiatives with associated roles and responsibilities and time-bound actions.

  • Facilitated a series of internal stakeholder sessions to gain feedback and buy-in on the revised strategic framework.

The CBA Group now has a comprehensive and clear sustainability strategic framework that provides direction at the Group level as well as appropriate guidance to relevant business units as to their role and contribution to sustainability efforts across the Group. The framework was approved and endorsed by the Board in 2011 and underpins their strategic initiatives and frames their external reporting and communications.

Dairy Australia

We worked with Dairy Australia, the national services body for dairy farmers and the industry, to produce a strategy document on sustainable futures for the Australian dairy industry.  The strategy outlines how the dairy industry will reduce its environmental impact, as well as improving the livelihood and wellbeing of workers and their families. This was completed with the goal of ensuring that the Australian dairy industry continues to be recognised worldwide as a responsible, responsive and prosperous producer of healthy food. 

We are now able to better talk about enhanced livelihoods with the Australian dairy industry, improved well being and reduced environmental impacts. Due to the credibility given to our report by Net Balance, we were the first industry to gain accreditation against Unilever’s Sustainable Agricultural code. The first time the approach had been adopted to a whole industry instead of an individual organisation.
— Helen Dornom, Manager Sustainability including Food Safety and Integrity, Dairy Australia


Frigoglass is the leading player in the global Ice-Cold Merchandisers (Beverage Coolers). It is a multinational enterprise with diverse revenues from across its global operations.  Frigoglass engaged Net Balance to assist with a refresh of its sustainability strategy to respond to key customer and investor requests.

Our team worked with the Group Sustainability Manager and the Sustainability Committee to develop a revised strategy that aligned to the corporate strategy and the expectations of internal and external stakeholders. The project team engaged with Frigoglass’ key stakeholders, assessed the range of sustainability aspects that were relevant to Frigoglass, and worked with senior management to identify strategic opportunities that Frigoglass could capitalise on over time. As a result of our work, Frigoglass now has:

  • A deeper understanding of the business value  ‘derived from’ or ‘at risk’ in relation to sustainability aspects, and which of those aspects matter to their key stakeholders
  • A more strategic approach to sustainability whereby it focuses its efforts on the key issues and initiatives that drive value and contribute to the corporate strategy. 
  •  Strengthened relations with its key customers globally which provides organisation-wide benefits.
  • A strategy and roadmap that creates greater synergies between its ‘ecocool’ product offering and group-wide sustainability performance and reporting.

Responsible Investment Association Australasia 

The Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) engaged Net Balance to research and prepare its annual Responsible Investment Benchmark Report. The Benchmark Report is the most comprehensive report into the responsible investment sector. It presents data on the size and growth of the Australasian responsible investment market and compares this with Australasia’s broader financial market.

Thanks greatly for your work on our Responsible Investment Benchmark Report 2014. We really appreciate your strong work on this project, which has been a challenging project, but which has benefited from your eye for detail, persistence and precision. The results are particularly robust, which is testament to your thorough work. The report was launched yesterday and has been very well received across our membership and the broader investment industry. We have received very positive feedback on the changes and improvements in this year’s report. We’ve also had very strong media coverage off the back of the report across online, print, radio and TV - so it’s really resonated well and is giving the responsible investment industry some great exposure. Thanks again for your great work.
— Simon O’Connor, CEO, Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA)