Strategy and program design


Community investment strategy and advice 

Business has moved beyond just philanthropy to embrace strategic partnerships that support corporate responsibility as well as business strategy. Rather than using dollars spent as a measure of community investment, they are looking to understand the outcomes of that investment - the benefits to communities, employees and other stakeholders as well as the reputational benefits and, in the case of business, the commercial return.

Net Balance works with companies to understand and evaluate the social impacts and outcomes associated with their operations, programs and projects to mitigate risk and maximise opportunities.

Program design and implementation

Across  all sectors, organisations are focusing on creating positive social impact.  Net Balance works with organisations to understand the difference their programs or initiatives have made to society and the communities in which they operate.  By embedding social impact into your program or project at  the design stage, your organisation will optimise social impact, mitigate risk and embed measurement capabilities.

Reconciliation Action Plan development and implementation 

For organisations and people who have little day-to-day interaction with indigenous communities, Reconciliation Action Plans, or RAPs, are often the main opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to reconciliation. We work with organisations to establish the type of RAP that is appropriate for them and the Indigenous communities with who they are seeking to engage. We design measurement frameworks to ensure the RAP and associated actions are focused on achieving real and lasting change for Indigenous communities and where an organisation is ready, provide assurance on reported RAP data.   

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Capacity building and mentoring

Our bespoke training and mentoring programs help develop the internal capacity of organisations to understand and manage social impact.

  • Training and workshops: Through our training program, we provide individuals and organisations with the skills and tools to design and measure for social impact.
  • Co-delivery and mentoring: We assist organisations to conduct their own design and measurement which increases the knowledge and capacity of organisations to be self-sufficient.

Employee engagement programs

Organisations are increasingly seeking ways to engage their employees in community partnerships and programs. Net Balance works with organisations to create programs such as volunteering (skilled and unskilled) and payroll giving which suit the needs of the business, employees and community partners. Successful programs are underpinned by robust governance and policy, and can incorporate an impact measurement framework.

Creating Shared Value 

Net Balance is part of the Shared Value Initiative (SVI), a global community of practice committed to driving adoption and implementation of shared value strategies among leading companies, civil society, and government organisations.

Launched at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting in 2012, SVI is supported by leading global corporations, not-for-profits and foundations committed to creating shared value between business and society.  Net Balance is part of a network of independent companies trained to provide shared value consulting services having been selected for our thought leadership, consulting expertise and experience in the area.

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