Social Impact

Net Balance's Social Impact team works with companies to evaluate the social impacts and outcomes associated with their operations, programs and projects to mitigate risk and maximise opportunities.

Our not-for-profit clients engage us to assist with the development of strategy and partnerships, and to understand how they can better meet their social mission. We also work with organisations and government to build their internal capacity to measure and report impact.

Below are some examples of the work we have done for our clients.


Oaktree approached Net Balance to do a Social Return on Investment analysis of the Oaktree volunteer experience. Results put the value of the volunteering experience at Oaktree at almost $11,000 per volunteer per year. And the program creates over $1.3 million of social value for volunteers each year.

Until now, we had never really tested any of those assumptions or tried to measure the outcomes, even though it has always been a key part of our work. When we started asking these questions, that’s when we approached Net Balance. Working with Net Balance on a really exciting project has been a lot of fun and they’ve been a really enjoyable organisation to work with.
— Meg Brodie, Oaktree's Executive Assistant of People & Culture

Red Dust Role Models

Red Dust sought out Net Balance to conduct their first Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluation for their Alcohol Education and Community Liaison program based in Alice Springs. The nature of the research was to understand the social impact that their Program had on both young and older men living in town camps in and around Alice Springs. 

We were delighted not only with the final report, which was of an incredibly high standard, but also importantly with the method in which the research was carried out. The Net Balance team completed the task with patience and respect which was appreciated by all. This evaluation allows us to demonstrate the effectiveness of this program to our funding partners and also becomes a valuable tool when we attempt to secure further funding to expand the program in the future.
— Darren Smith, CEO Red Dust Role Models

SROI: National Australia Bank

In 2012 NAB and Jesuit Social Services undertook an impact study to measure the social value created by participation in the African Australian Inclusion Program (AAIP). Net Balance completed the work using Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology. The analysis identified changes experienced by key stakeholders (program participants, their families, NAB teams involved) based on their involvement in the program. The findings quantified that for every dollar invested in the AAIP, stakeholders received the equivalent of $6.24 in social value.

RAP: National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank’s 2013 Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was the first in corporate Australia to receive Reconciliation Australia’s ‘Elevate’ endorsement. The Elevate category represents a new benchmark for RAPs and is reserved for organisations that have demonstrated a long-term commitment to addressing indigenous disadvantage. As part of NABs commitment to its indigenous program, Net Balance conducted an SROI analysis of their Indigenous Money Mentors program (IMM). This analysis provided important insights and evidence of the capacity of IMM to deliver measurable return to the business and create real social value.

Volunteering Western Victoria

Since late 2011 Net Balance has been working to develop community resilience in the Wimmera region of western Victoria. Our most recent project – Connections, Compliance and Community: The Changing Face of Volunteering in Regional Victoria – involved consultation with more than 400 stakeholders. The research explored the state of volunteering and its impacts on the prosperity and resilience of communities. We are developing the second phase of this research, the Guiding Community Organisations Program, which is being piloted in 2013-2014.