We understand the importance of telling a story as well as presenting the right data. We also understand the role reporting plays in responding to material sustainability issues that are important to your key stakeholders.

Our team provides tailored solutions to organisations – enabling you to choose how much assistance you may need. For example, you may need an ‘extra pair of hands’ to help you write the report or you may need strategic advice on how to develop an integrated report or apply accepted tools and standards.

We believe there are a number of key principles and approaches to ensuring your sustainability report forms a best-practice communication of performance to your stakeholders. A report that is:

  • Clear on the key issues and the impacts of your operations
  • Balanced in reporting negative and positive aspects of impacts and issues
  • Action-oriented in addressing issues and opportunities
  • Accountable through tracking of objectives and targets
  • Transparent on performance and ongoing improvements
  • Mindful of maintaining substance over form.

Our approach includes 3 important steps as shown below, Planning, Doing and Reviewing.



Taking a strategic and informed approach to develop effective reports

We work with organisations to develop a reporting strategy that applies any combination of international reporting frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Guidelines, the Integrated Reporting framework and the AA1000 standards.

Our team works with organisations to identify key issues and messages and to develop the narrative, this includes supporting you in gathering the required information from the relevant departments and issue owners.

To identify your key issues you may wish to obtain the feedback of internal and external stakeholders. We facilitate stakeholder sessions to inform your reporting efforts and broader stakeholder engagement objectives.



Effective and efficient development of reports and external submissions

Reporting can be, and often is, time-intensive. We can ease the burden by project managing the report from start to finish – making sure deadlines are met and that the report is delivered to time and budget.  We can write the report in consultation with relevant data owners, using clear, jargon-free language. If you need help with the design, we have an in-house graphic design studio that can help you achieve the right look and feel for the report, or we can work with your preferred designers. If you are having your report externally assured, we can work with the providers to obtain requested information and to help ensure the process goes smoothly.

Our team also supports clients in preparing other external disclosures or submissions such as the UNGC, DJSI and the CR Index, including helping with design and the development and execution of sustainability communication strategies.


Ensuring effective reporting that meets guidelines and achieves communication objectives

Our team will edit and proofread your report, check for consistency and make sure it meets relevant reporting standards.

We can also benchmark your report against your peers and industry, and international reporting frameworks to help you develop a best practice report. To confirm compliance with the GRI guidelines, we can conduct a GRI gap analysis review and highlight areas to be addressed in order to meet the requirements.