Quality assurance and Independence

Quality Assurance

Our policy is to ensure high standards of quality in our products, process of production and personnel. We are committed to ensuring that our products comply with contractual requirements and also meet customers’ expectations. We recognise that the maintenance and improvement of our standards are essential for our success and reputation, for the satisfaction of customers, collaborators and our own staff.

To realise this aim, we have developed a companywide Management System. As with all of our engagements, all key decisions and deliverables will be reviewed by a Director who is independent of the day to day activities of the project, and regular feedback is sought from you, our clients, to ensure our project meets expectations.

Net Balance brings third party independence and an informed perspective to all of our engagements. As a result we provide our clients with insightful recommendations that drive improvements in reporting and sustainability management.


Net Balance is committed to ensuring the objectivity of our assurance services. We have a process in place to identify and ensure that any potential conflicts of interest are resolved. This process is embedded within our initial go/no-go project feasibility decision-making. Further, we will only provide advisory services to our existing assurance clients where these services are not in conflict with our independence policy. Our independence policy limits the type of services that we provide to ensure that we do not audit our own work in any way. Our independence policy also limits the value of our advisory services to a particular client relative to assurance fees. At the commencement of the engagement, all team members will be required to sign an independence declaration stating that they meet the requirements of the policy for this engagement. A copy of our independence policy can be found through our website and has been developed to meet the requirements of the APES110 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.

Throughout the engagement we will take all practical steps to protect client confidentiality and to prevent any breach of integrity and your trust. All Net Balance team members are required to officially acknowledge our established Code of Conduct.