CSV Green Paper (Draft for Discussion)

To contribute to the literature on creating shared value, Net Balance is studying eight Australian companies to identify common elements and insights into how companies are creating commercial and social value in practice in a mature market. The research will also consider some of the points of discussion raised above by sustainability and business practitioners and not-for-profit sector leaders, with the aim of inspiring organisations to initiate shared value thinking and pilot shared value initiatives. Participating companies include: LionCo, BT Financial, PwC, PwC Indigenous Consulting, Nestle, Toyota, Stockland and NAB.

This paper presents the initial insights from our research. We propose that at the core of a company’s ability to create shared value are its people; their sense of purpose, learning and creativity are the foundations for a culture of innovation. The pace at which a company can identify social issues and produce innovative solutions will provide true competitive advantage.

The discussion paper is available to download as a PDF.