New Zealand Sustainable Business Network conference

The Sustainable Business Network in New Zealand is holding their conference next month – Project NZ. At Project NZ, international experts and New Zealand business leaders will share their insights into the latest thinking in innovation and sustainability so you can apply them to your own business.

Leading Wellington and New Zealand businesses Z Energy, Kiwibank and Colmar Brunton will share their stories of change. Grassroots organisations such as Loomio and Yellow Brick Road will show that small businesses with innovative models can also bring about transformative change.

Highlights include:

·         Being a part of the New Zealand launch of The Big Shift, a new approach to business innovation already successfully adopted by leading global brands such as Nike, Unilever and Marks & Spencer

·         Finding out how to apply the Big Shift framework to your organisation

·         Connecting with other innovators and sustainability leaders

·         Learning from more than 20 global experts and Kiwi pioneers so you can apply their insights to your own organisation

·         Delving deeper into topics of your choice – smart transport, the circular economy, social value and restoring food systems

·         Dining with leading foodies and social innovators at the Good Food Feast, which includes food for thought on the tricky challenges in our food system.

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Adaptation Videos

Adaptation Videos

I am lucky enough to span both the consulting and academic fields in the climate change and sustainability space. This means I can undertake exploratory research with RMIT University, with a group of really fantastic international researchers half the week, and the other half of the week I try to practically apply what I learn with clients through consulting. These worlds often intersect, and for a dynamic and iterative field such as climate change adaptation, I feel that this is a great thing. We have historically (insert link here to Adaptation Toolkit), and are currently undertaking several really exciting State funded projects as a partnership between Net Balance and RMIT University, with some fantastic preliminary findings.

This year, I was asked to develop a science communication video series for the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research (VCCCAR), as part of my role as a research scientist at RMIT. Over the past two years I have been working on VCCCAR funded adaptation projects, until sadly at the end of this past financial year, funding from the State Government ceased.  However, in their wonderful ongoing efforts to better communicate climate change adaptation to the general public, we put together some ideas for adaptation videos.

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Measuring ROI of sustainable procurement

The drivers for sustainable procurement are changing. While once in the realm of “it is the right thing to do”, sustainable procurement and supply chain management have become essential elements of any risk mitigation strategy. But increasingly, there is a new driver – needing to understand and measure the outcomes of sustainability initiatives and their contribution to the organisation.

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Real cost of technology

Technology, especially computer technology, is widely heralded as the likely saviour from a number of large social and environmental impacts. This ‘enabler’ is seen as having the potential to deliver on the millennium development goals as well as capacity to help mitigate environmental degradation, including climate change. This is because the measurable economic impact and efficiency delivered by technology is unquestionable.

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The Evironment vs the Economy - A losing battle?

There is an Australian colloquial saying which goes along the lines of 'up a raw sewerage creek without a paddle'  (the publishable version), which is an apt description interestingly of where both the economy and the environment are currently. Consequently the battle lines are hardening on both fronts.

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