New Zealand Sustainable Business Network conference

The Sustainable Business Network in New Zealand is holding their conference next month – Project NZ. At Project NZ, international experts and New Zealand business leaders will share their insights into the latest thinking in innovation and sustainability so you can apply them to your own business.

Leading Wellington and New Zealand businesses Z Energy, Kiwibank and Colmar Brunton will share their stories of change. Grassroots organisations such as Loomio and Yellow Brick Road will show that small businesses with innovative models can also bring about transformative change.

Highlights include:

·         Being a part of the New Zealand launch of The Big Shift, a new approach to business innovation already successfully adopted by leading global brands such as Nike, Unilever and Marks & Spencer

·         Finding out how to apply the Big Shift framework to your organisation

·         Connecting with other innovators and sustainability leaders

·         Learning from more than 20 global experts and Kiwi pioneers so you can apply their insights to your own organisation

·         Delving deeper into topics of your choice – smart transport, the circular economy, social value and restoring food systems

·         Dining with leading foodies and social innovators at the Good Food Feast, which includes food for thought on the tricky challenges in our food system.

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