Adaptation Videos

I am lucky enough to span both the consulting and academic fields in the climate change and sustainability space. This means I can undertake exploratory research with RMIT University, with a group of really fantastic international researchers half the week, and the other half of the week I try to practically apply what I learn with clients through consulting. These worlds often intersect, and for a dynamic and iterative field such as climate change adaptation, I feel that this is a great thing. We have historically, and are currently undertaking several really exciting State funded projects as a partnership between Net Balance and RMIT University, with some fantastic preliminary findings.

This year, I was asked to develop a science communication video series for the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research (VCCCAR), as part of my role as a research scientist at RMIT. Over the past two years I have been working on VCCCAR funded adaptation projects, until sadly at the end of this past financial year, funding from the State Government ceased.  However, in their wonderful ongoing efforts to better communicate climate change adaptation to the general public, we put together some ideas for adaptation videos.

The results of this effort are two recently released videos, accessible by YouTube and promoted on the ongoing VCCCAR website ( The first, a light-hearted take at explaining the adaptation process through a cooking show setting, entitled ‘Cooking for Adaptation’, and the second, an attempt to parallel climate change and adaptation to something all Victorians love: Australian Rules Football or AFL.

Cooking for Adaptation:

Although these are a little bit of a laugh, I think the message is clear from both; climate change affects everyone, so start the conversation in your local context and consider the appropriate adaptation response.

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