Sustainability and certainty – the need for action on carbon and climate

Australian business is calling out for certainty around carbon policy, says leading sustainability advisory firm Net Balance.

"Our clients are telling us that they understand the need for action on climate change. They are already demonstrating their ability to adapt to a carbon constrained economy but they are concerned and confused about future policy or lack of it," said Terence Jeyaretnam, Director, Net Balance.

"While business is seeking policy certainly, it’s important to understand they are not going to suddenly throw away all the time and money they have invested in understanding and mitigating the impacts of carbon.

"Australian companies will continue to look for ways to reduce their environmental footprint through energy efficiency, sound water management and waste reduction programs because not only do employees, customers and the community expect it, it also makes good business sense and can result in significant cost savings," said Mr Jeyaretnam.

Net Balance is highlighting what the firm views as policy uncertainty as a key concern within its client base as it prepares to host a visit from international sustainability expert Jonathon Porritt as he launches his new book – The World We Made: Alex McKay’s Story from 2050.

"Accelerating climate change, caused by the continuing emissions of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, represents an existential threat to our species – by which I mean it threatens the stability and economic wellbeing of every society on earth," said Mr. Porritt.

"This is the "inconvenient truth" at the heart of the global economy today. It is recognised (although often set aside) by a minority of politicians. It remains totally unseen as far as the vast majority are concerned. But if we don’t move very rapidly indeed through programs of radical decarbonisation in every sector of the economy, increased social justice will become a very distant dream. Indeed, the lives of billions of people will become too horrendous to contemplate.

"So can it still be done? I believe it can – which is the main thrust of my new book," said Mr. Porritt.

While many environmental leaders are focused on the negative, The World We Made has an optimistic message for the future which has been welcomed by Net Balance

In fifty short entries such as Solar Revolutions and Fixing the Climate, he outlines the key events, technological breakthroughs and lifestyle revolutions needed to transform our world.

"This is essential reading for anyone interested in a positive future for our planet," said Mr Jeyaretnam.


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