Measuring Community Wellbeing

Community liveability indicators are increasingly being used to report on the interconnected nature of many social, economic and environmental aspects of society, and to reflect the increasing focus on wellbeing, and quality of life within communities.

To build on existing work in this area, Net Balance has produced a report for Penrith City Council and the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government mapping current research on the state of community liveability indicator development across Australia.

The report includes a detailed assessment of six existing national and international community indicator frameworks. By critically examining the advantages, challenges and limitations of community indicators and existing frameworks, particularly in relation to their applicability in a local government context, this report aims to be an information resource that can assist councils to think through their own approach.

The report is part one of a two stage project, with the second stage comprising the development of a suite of community liveability indicators for Penrith City Council. While the second stage is tailored to assist specifically Penrith City Council, the broader objective of the project is to create a framework that will be generally applicable across Australian local governments.

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report is available to download from our website under Our Reports.