Net Balance and the Carbon Price Communiqué

by Astrid Edwards

Net Balance is a value-driven and purpose-led business focussed on tomorrow’s agenda – the next wave of positive social, environmental and economic impact. As a symbol of our values, we joined more than 133 other businesses around the world and signed the Carbon Price Communiqué.

The Carbon Price Communiqué is the latest in a series of communiqués authored by The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change, all of which are intended to drive an international and commercial response to climate change. These communiqués outline a platform for progressive businesses to pursue robust, effective and equitable international action.

This year with the introduction of the carbon price mechanism Australia joined the European Union and New Zealand in their economy-wide efforts to cap and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. California, South Korea and China are not far behind, and will operate emissions trading schemes from 2013.

Alone, a price on carbon will not mitigate climate impacts. However, we believe a carbon price is an integral component of Australia’s domestic response. It is also integral to the broader international policy framework, which should include other mechanisms and policies that focus on adaptation, resilience, food security, clean technology and renewable energy.

We signed the Carbon Price Communiqué because we believe that a clear and transparent price on carbon emissions is the first of the many steps required to drive changes needed for a more sustainable future.

 Astrid Edwards is a Senior Associate of Net Balance (, 
one of the world’s leading sustainability advisory firms.
Astrid is based in Melbourne.