Supply chain sustainability increasing in value

by Fiona Silke

Now more than ever, businesses are reaping the rewards of investing in supply chain sustainability. According to a recent Supply Chain report released by the Carbon Disclosure Project, companies are increasingly seeing benefits flow from the expansion of low carbon products and services, including operational efficiencies and improved business reputation. Action on climate change and sustainability is also reinforced by increased climate related risk identification in supply chains. For example, 70% of respondents to the Carbon Disclosure Supply Chain survey identified a current or future climate change risk that could significantly affect their business or revenue.

Despite action being taken to good effect, the report found that there is still a persistent performance gap between CDP supply chain members and their suppliers. Where 92% of CDP Supply Chain members have a target for emissions reduction, only 38% of suppliers do. Engaging with suppliers on sustainability can be challenging, however with the benefits increasingly being documented, the business case is becoming stronger and it might be easier than ever before.

The Net Balance team works with organisations to respond to supply chain risks and opportunities, including those associated with carbon emissions, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. We know it is important for organisations to embed sustainability into their day-to-day operations and measure success to reduce risk, ensure profitability and reduce environmental impacts.

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To download the Supply Chain report, click here.

Fiona Silke is an Associate of Net Balance (, 
one of the world’s leading sustainability advisory firms.
Fiona is based in Melbourne.