Release of Sustainable Procurement Guidelines

by Hugh Wareham

Net Balance is proud to announce that The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities have recently released the Sustainable procurement guide and the Guide for sustainable procurement of services developed by ECO-Buy Limited.

These guides are intended to assist Australian Government procurers to include sustainability considerations in all stages of the procurement process, from identifying the business need to disposing of goods.

The Sustainable procurement guide contains guidance on reducing the adverse environmental, social and economic impacts of purchased products and services throughout their life through measures such as using the value for money assessment and understanding the supply chain.

The Guide for sustainable procurement of services contains more detailed information about the issues to consider when procuring services such as financial or consulting and includes best practice performance criteria that can be used in approaches to market and possible contract requirements. Other specific product and service guides are expected to be published throughout 2013.

These guides deliver on the Australian Government’s commitment under the National Waste Policy: Less Waste, More Resources to embody and promote the principles and practices of sustainable procurement within its own operations.

The Sustainable procurement guide and the Guide for sustainable procurement of services can be accessed on the Department’s website at and respectively.

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Hugh Wareham is the General Manager of ECO-Buy and is based in the Net Balance Melbourne office.
ECO-Buy Ltd and Net Balance merged in 2012, combining their sustainable supply chain and sustainable procurement advisory services to create Australia’s largest sustainable supply chain consulting group.