Net Balance to sponsor the Banksia Sustainability Awards

Net Balance is proud to be the sponsoring the prestigious Banksia awards for the categories’ of Local Government Sustainability Award and the Leading in Sustainability - Setting the Standard for Large Organisations Award for 2013, 2014 and 2015. 

As the Banksia Awards celebrates its 25th anniversary we are delighted to acknowledge its expanded focus beyond environmental sustainability to also recognise that financial viability, environmental action and social impact are all intrinsically linked.  Net Balance works in this specialised field to build resilience and adaptability into business and government through defining the issues, identifying the risks and opportunities and appropriately managing them.

The Local Government Sustainability Award, recognises organisational leadership by fully integrating sustainability principles and practices into operational activities at all levels and reducing the organisation's footprint.


Sustainability has   become a core strategic pillar for the local government sector as it reflects   many of local government agencies’ own objectives such as a healthy   environment, resilient community and strong local economy. Councils recognise   that these are interdependent, and that to achieve their goals in one area,   they must address all three.


Local government   has a direct impact on the local environment and communities through its   policies and actions, as well as significant influence on the actions of   local communities and businesses.


“Local initiatives   have the capacity to extend beyond district boundaries and have very wide   implications... Local governments are focal points for change and innovation   in this domain.”
  (Victorian Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, 2011)


The Leading in   Sustainability - Setting the Standard for Large Organisations Award, recognises   businesses and organisations with 200+ employees demonstrating leadership   through fully integrating sustainable principles and practices into   operational activities, reducing the organisations' footprint and influencing   and educating suppliers and customers.


Net Balance believes   business is central to tackling the environmental and social challenges of   the future and this awards give us the opportunity to recognise leaders in   this area.


Our team works   with the majority of the ASX 100 as well as a large number of private firms   and SMEs.  Examples of our work have   included developing a sustainability strategy for one of Australia’s largest   financial institutions, providing assurance to the most number of ASX 100   companies, developing an energy strategy and implementing it with one of   Australia’s largest retailers and preparing social return on investment   assessments of a number of corporate community partnerships.


For more   information please visit: or contact Graz   von Egmond, or 03 9684   4665. 


Terence Jeyaretnam is a Director of Net Balance (, 
one of the world’s leading sustainability advisory firms.
Terence is based in Melbourne.

Twitter: TerenceJey

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