Unravelling the carbon price

by Charlie Knaggs

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few years of political climate change debate, it’s that carbon pricing isn’t simple. In fact, some of it is diabolically complicated. We still find that there is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the scheme. What does it really mean for affected parties including liable entities, carbon service providers and carbon market players?

It’s comforting to know that despite this complexity, the majority of liable entities were able to meet the first key date of the carbon pricing mechanism – the submission of an Interim Emissions Number and the surrender of 75% of their expected annual carbon liability on June 15. In fact, to our knowledge, only four companies missed the compliance date – a pretty good effort under the circumstances.

Notwithstanding this achievement, Australia’s Clean Energy Future is far from assured (and in fact is likely to change course quite dramatically in the very near future, at the hands of one or both of the major political parties). However there is still a need for a comprehensive, easily accessible resource to explain the ins and outs of Australia’s carbon pricing mechanism. We believe that a clear understanding of the current Clean Energy Legislation is important context for anyone wanting to contribute to the ongoing national discussion.

Net Balance, in partnership with the GHG Management Institute, is helping organisations unravel the true meaning of the carbon price through a new online training course ‘Australia’s Clean Energy Future’.

The course is structured around a series of lessons covering the fundamentals of the scheme, details of the legislative package, the transition to a flexible price, compliance obligations, and potential linkages with other markets.

It is designed to be completed in around 6 hours (in your own time) and includes a number of assessment tasks. The course would be of benefit to compliance officers working at liable entities, consultants providing advice to players in the Australian carbon market, greenhouse and energy auditors, and students looking for a career in the carbon space.

To find out more, contact Charlie Knaggs or go direct to the course website here

Charlie Knaggs is a Senior Associate of Net Balance (charlie@netbalance.com), 
one of the world’s leading sustainability advisory firms.
Charlie is based in Melbourne.

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