Research Institute

Net Balance’s Research Institute creates real solutions to solve real problems that create lasting impact. Our clients include corporate's, government and not-for-profits.

Our mission is to be the preferred partner for research, development & innovation. We work with our clients to solve problems and achieve valued outcomes. Our solutions create better societies.

The Institute through the Net Balance Foundation also conducts research for public knowledge and offers RD&I at reduced rates to enable smaller not-for-profit organisations to access our expertise.

What we do

Our work contributes to public knowledge through working with government and consortia to explore key issues and provide new insights.

We also work with individual clients to apply research approaches to design new methodologies and evaluate programmes, developing client knowledge and increasing outcomes. Including:

  • Conduct RD&I for strategically important issues
  • Build capacity of clients to conduct RD&I
  • Conduct practical applied research of high academic quality.


Our approach

We work with clients and partners to assemble specialised teams of internal and external experts forming cross sector/functional research teams. 

Our approach is underpinned by principles of co-production, leadership, foresight, and practicality. 

We contribute to public knowledge through research and preparation of Green and White papers, providing insights and leading discussions on new approaches to addressing important social and environmental issues.

We share our insights though conferences and expert forums, where we facilitate collaboration between key players to achieve greater impact.

Our projects

Our work includes designing and adapting methodologies which address new areas of knowledge or application, and contributing to increasing total value creation.

We also undertake process and summative evaluation of new and existing programmes to gain insights on outcomes achieved and further develop the effectiveness of the programmes.

The Institute's key areas of focus are always evolving. Some or our recent project areas include: