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Net Balance is an organisation driven by purpose as well as profit. From the outset, we wanted our business model to reflect that. So Net Balance was set up as two parallel organisations sharing a single mission, staff and resources: Net Balance Management Group and the Net Balance Foundation.

The Net Balance mission is to inspire and enable organisations to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. We believe business is central to tackling the environmental and social challenges of the future.

Net Balance Management Group fulfills our mission by working with our corporate and government clients to develop new strategies, new ways of thinking and metrics to not only survive but thrive in this new economy.

The Net Balance Foundation focuses on thought leadership, capacity building and affordable advice. We are especially proud of the work we have done through our Foundation to help organisations with their sustainability needs on a non-profit basis. View some of the key clients we work with. 

Net Balance Foundation Advisory Board   L-R back row:  Rowan Dowland, Graham Hunter, Andrew Wilson, Wendy Stubbs  Front row: Geoff Mabbett, Jane Farago, Terence Jeyaretnam

Net Balance Foundation Advisory Board

L-R back row:  Rowan Dowland, Graham Hunter, Andrew Wilson, Wendy Stubbs

Front row: Geoff Mabbett, Jane Farago, Terence Jeyaretnam

Thought Leadership

The Foundation explores Tomorrow’s Agenda through publicly available research. We strive to inspire organisational leaders with research and new thinking around emerging sustainability issues. We partner with leading organisations, industry associations and research bodies to develop in-depth and relevant reports. For more information about our recent publications, please see our reports.

Capacity Building

We share our knowledge and build sustainability competencies through our respected learning and development program. We offer regular courses such as SROI and GRI training that draw on our deep expertise, as well as timely seminars on current and emerging issues.

The Foundation also hosts speaker events, panel discussions and forums that highlight emerging issues and ideas.

View upcoming Events and Training

Affordable advice

Through the Foundation, Net Balance is able to offer our full suite of services at affordable rates to organisations that could not otherwise access our expertise. This enables us to work with the not-for-profit sector, and with organisations that help us to multiply our impact through their networks, such as industry associations. 

See Our Services for further details.

Special Initiatives

From time to time Net Balance Foundation works to auspice projects with significant potential to contribute to organisational sustainability.

Prince of Wales’s Business and Sustainability Programme

This intensive programme takes senior executives on a journey to understand the global challenges that face us; understand their strategic implications for business; and learn how, as leaders, they can engage with those challenges to ensure a profitable, resilient business. Net Balance Foundation works in collaboration with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership to deliver the programme in Australia.

Learn more about the Prince of Wales's Business & Sustainability Programme.


CitySwitch is a high-value no-cost membership program, which supports commercial office tenants to improve office energy efficiency through the provision of a range of services, with the ultimate aim of achieving a 4 star or higher NABERS Energy rating.

Net Balance Foundation is working with CitySwitch to expand the program from large CBD offices to suburban and regional locations, and smaller organisations.

For more information see the CitySwitch website.

Corporate Responsibility Index

The Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index), is a leading business management and benchmarking tool that enables companies to effectively measure, monitor, report and improve their impacts on society and the environment. Net Balance Foundation administers the index in Australia and New Zealand. For more information see the CR Index website.

Australian Legal Sector Alliance

The Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA) is an industry-led association working collaboratively to promote sustainable practices across the legal sector. Net Balance Foundation helped to found the organisation, and continues to house its offices and provide support. For more information see the AusLSA website.

Our Advisory Board

The Foundation is supported by the diverse knowledge and skills of an expert Advisory Board.

Advisory board members

Rowan Dowland, General Manager, Development, bankmecu

Andrew Wilson, Managing Director of Wolf Capital, Director at Ceres Capital Management

Wendy Stubbs, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts at Monash University

Geoff Mabbett, Consultant, former CEO of Sustainability Victoria, Advisory Board Chairman



Jane Farago

General Manager

Net Balance Foundation