Materiality Assessments 

Materiality Assessments are a prerequisite for a robust corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy, internal program and external reporting regime. The principle of materiality features in all of the key internationally recognised performance and reporting frameworks, and approaches to determining material aspects, matters or issues are continuing to evolve. 

Material aspects are topics that will influence the decisions, actions and performance of the organisation or decisions about the organisation made by its stakeholders. Material aspects are also referred to interchangeably as material issues or matter.

For sustainability, materiality represents a broader concept than materiality in the financial reporting or risk management fields. Therefore, our materiality assessments are more holistic and are designed to determine the relevance and significance of various non-financial aspects to an organisation and its stakeholders.

Meeting external expectations and needs

Our materiality assessments help our clients to meet the materiality-related expectations of most internationally recognised frameworks and guidelines, including the:

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Reporting Framework
  • Integrated Reporting Framework
  • AccountAbility AA1000 Series
  • ASX Corporate Governance Guidelines
  • ASIC Regulatory Guideline 247 for Operating and Financial Reviews.

Benefits to your organisation

In addition to helping you meet external framework and disclosure requirements, the benefits of a structured approach to Materiality Assessments include:

  • Focus on the aspects that are most important to your organisation and your stakeholders
  • Provide the basis upon which your strategies and reporting approaches are developed
  • Demonstrate a systematic, robust and defendable process for identifying material aspects and engaging stakeholders
  • Identify risks and opportunities as they emerge, enabling your organisation to proactively address issues or grasp opportunities to drive value and maintain your licence to operate
  • Enhance stakeholder (investors, customers, government, communities) confidence that you are on top of existing and emerging aspects that are important to your organisation.

Our approach

Our approach to Materiality Assessments involves three core steps and we refine and tailor those to meet your organisation’s needs and degree of maturity in applying materiality.