Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a great tool in product recognition and marketing. It is a comprehensive analytical methodology designed to systematically identify and quantify the environmental impacts attributable to a product or service.

Below are some examples of LCA work we have done for our clients.


Net Balance undertook a greenhouse gas emissions LCA of Sensis’ printed and online directory services. This represents one of the largest carbon neutral certifications in Australia. As a result of undertaking product LCAs, Sensis was able to identify areas of the supply chain with the greatest greenhouse impact, and work with suppliers to significantly reduce emissions.


Net Balance completed a cradle-to-grave LCA of a number of CSR building products. CSR is one of the largest building product manufacturers and distributors in Australia. The objective of the LCA was to measure multiple environmental indicators including greenhouse gas emissions, energy, and several air and water quality parameters. The results of the LCA were used by CSR for a number of product assessment and reporting purposes.


Net Balance prepared a cradle-to-grave LCA of one of Frigoglass’s refrigerator ranges to help inform product design and business strategy. An LCA output calculator was built from over 100 separate unit processes, each modelled using an ISO 14040 based methodology and accessing international LCI databases using SimaPro LCA software. The calculator allowed Frigoglass to examine the potential environment improvements attainable by varying a range of different product specifications and end of life management options.


Net Balance worked with Foster’s to achieve NCOS certification for its Cascade Pure beer. We carried out an extensive LCA of the beer in accordance with the ISO 14040 series, accounting for carbon emissions from the picking of hops to the recycling of the bottle. Cascade Pure is a 100% carbon neutral beer certified under the Australian Government’s NCOS program, managed by Low Carbon Australia. It is one of only a few products approved under this scheme.