Internal assurance: compliance, risk and performance

While you may not plan to report publically, it is important to ensure your systems are robust in order to mitigate sustainability risks. Our team also provides internal assurance over policies and processes put in place to ensure sustainability objectives and targets are achieved and risks managed.

Internal assurance is just like a pilot of external assurance, without the public facing statement. It is designed to give you an understanding of how well you would do if your sustainability disclosures were subject to external scrutiny. It may work just like a regular internal audit function, before your external auditors undertake their engagement. A management report provided to you will focus on identifying gaps and providing best practice recommendations to improve your future reporting.

Internal Review:

Our internal audit services provide comfort to management in relation to sustainability compliance, risk and performance. This includes:

  • Auditing compliance with policies and procedures
  • Reviewing policies and processes to ensure they are designed effectively to achieve objectives and mitigate risks
  • Auditing compliance with regulatory requirements or voluntary standards
  • Third party contract compliance audits.

Our internal assurance team has expertise in both internal audit methodologies and sustainability ensuring we deliver valuable insights and recommendations. We can conduct internal audits as an independent engagement or as sustainability subject matter experts forming part of your internal audit team.

Sustainability training for your internal audit team:

We provide training to increase your internal audit team’s knowledge of sustainability risks and reporting. This training is tailored to ensure it meets your specific needs and objectives.