An effective sustainability program requires strong leadership and management, integration into core practices, and accurate measurement and monitoring of performance. Ensuring the right group level processes, structures and policies are in place enables the Board, executive and business units to effectively identify and manage the material environmental, social and governance issues facing the organisation. The effectiveness of their sustainability management frameworks means that today’s sustainability teams face any number of the following challenges:

  • Limited resources and capacity to implement identified sustainability initiatives
  • Limited understanding or support for the sustainability strategy from key business leaders and their divisions
  • Difficulties in incorporating sustainability aspects and criteria into business processes
  • Difficulties in demonstrating how sustainability topics relate to core business value drivers.


Governance model development / Establishing management accountabilities / Provision of ‘in-house’ resources

We work with organisations to engage the Board and embed sustainability through definition and alignment of roles and responsibilities from Board committees to management teams. This may also involve the development and enhancement of a sustainability management culture aligned to the existing organisational culture.

Our skilled team members are also able to offer additional skilled resources to support your organisations in-house sustainability teams during busy periods of the year.


Designing internal policies and processes / Change management support / Risk management frameworks

We work with organisations to formalise and re-design policies and procedures that embed sustainability into day-to-day practices. This may also involve designing cultural and behavioural changes to engage employees on sustainability as well as embed sustainability aspects and characteristics into core products and services.

In addition, our team works with organisations to develop and enhance risk management processes for sustainability-related risks, a critical refinement that not only focuses management attention but also aligns organisational effort. This allows organisations to meet the ASX Corporate Governance Guidelines requirement under Principle 7.4.


Program effectiveness and benchmark reviews / Establishing data management frameworks / Performance KPI and Scorecard development

We work with organisations to assess the effectiveness of existing programs in achieving desired sustainability objectives, and develop recommendations for their continual improvement.

This involves benchmarking performance against competitors and other peers. Ongoing measurement and evaluation of sustainability performance is critical to driving the strategy.

Our team can assist your organisation in improving data management processes, developing performance scorecards and incorporating sustainability performance KPIs into existing reporting frameworks.