Greenhouse and energy data management

Greenhouse and energy reporting is here to stay. That’s why reporting processes have to become business-as-usual. We can establish systems to collect, manage and maintain energy and greenhouse data or help you integrate greenhouse reporting into your existing accounting and reporting systems. We can assist in the following ways:

  • By providing our existing TreadLite greenhouse and energy system
  • By designing and developing custom-built Excel, Access or web-based systems
  • By assessing the suitability of other greenhouse and energy data systems to your organisation’s unique circumstances.

TreadLite is a data management system designed specifically for organisations seeking to measure, manage and report their environmental performance. The system leverages the data management capabilities of Microsoft Access to provide an intuitive user-friendly software application tailored to an organisation’s needs. In addition to calculating greenhouse gas emissions, it is capable of capturing waste, water and energy data and generating monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

TreadLite incorporates a number of features including a user friendly interface, quick and easy data entry, automated data upload, data audit logging, customised reporting, and user level security.