Getting ready for sustainability assurance (“Pre-assurance”)

If you are planning to obtain external assurance but are not sure what it involves, or whether your internal processes are up to scratch, our team will undertake an internal readiness review or pre-assurance to provide recommendations to ensure you are prepared to undertake external assurance in the future.

The pre-assurance process draws on recognised standards to provide you with a best practice approach. We typically interview management to ascertain how well your organisation adheres to AccountAbility’s AA1000 principles; undertake a review of the processes and controls used to manage your material issues; and conduct process testing in line with the guidance provided by the ASAE3000 Accounting standard.

Review of performance metrics

We will review your performance metrics to ensure they are:

  • An accurate and comparable measure of your performance and are aligned with reporting frameworks such as GRI
  • Clearly defined in terms of scope, boundary and methodology
  • Prepared on a consistent basis between periods and throughout your organisation.

Review of systems, processes and controls

Assurance can be a daunting task if you don’t have effective systems, processes or controls. We’re able to design or review internal processes and controls that will provide comfort to internal stakeholders that your reporting processes are robust and that data is accurate.

Review of materiality and stakeholder engagement

An important aspect of the GRI’s guidelines is that your process for determining materiality is robust and made transparent. This includes ensuring that stakeholders are included in your materiality process, and that you respond to their concerns appropriately.

Net Balance is able to undertake an internal assessment of your materiality and stakeholder engagement processes to ensure they meet best practice for reporting under G4.

Organisational training

You might be entering the world of sustainability assurance for the first time, if so, it’s important to bring everyone on the journey. Our workshops and training can help explain the business case for sustainability reporting, assurance standards and requirements, the value of assurance, how to implement effective data reporting processes and the differences between the GRI’s G3 and G4 frameworks.