Climate Change

In today’s environment, business can no longer ignore the physical and regulatory impacts of climate change on their operations. The good news is that this presents opportunities, not just challenges, for organisations that act decisively. 

Net Balance can help your organisation to maximise these opportunities through efficiently meeting compliance requirements, managing risks and thinking strategically. Our skills and experience range from helping organisations to comply with climate change regulatory programs, through to developing carbon strategies and achieving carbon neutral status. We understand that the impending impacts of climate change are increasingly difficult to predict and hard to plan for. Our response is to support our clients to develop their capacity for managing the future, whatever it may look like. View examples of some of the work we have done for our clients.

We offer services across the following areas:

Climate change strategy and advisory

Climate Change has become a firmly established board-level agenda item for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Whilst climate change may pose myriad risks to organisations, diligent management of these risks can help to decipher pathways towards a stronger financial position in tomorrow’s carbon constrained economy.

Net Balance works with organisations to determine the risks and opportunities around climate change, through the following core services:

Climate change audit and compliance

The increase in climate change-related regulation presents business with a rapidly changing and uncertain operating environment. Complex reporting and audit requirements pose a compliance risk for business.

At the same time, opportunities exist to claim free issue carbon units and to create carbon credits and energy savings certificates. Taking advantage of these opportunities can improve your competitive position and reduce operational costs, as well as providing an additional income stream.

Net Balance has one of the largest teams of Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditors (RGEAs) in the country.

Our range of services includes:

View our Independence policy.

Climate change adaptation

The impacts of climate change are uncertain, making it hard for organisations to plan and respond. Traditional decision making tools do not cope well with the non-linear path of impacts. In addition, budgetary constraints make it tempting to ignore issues that are not perceived as immediate.

Net Balance’s methods explicitly acknowledge and embrace uncertainties and constraints. We help clients to develop robust adaptation strategies that remain viable under the widest range of possible futures and to identify those “win-win” opportunities of adapting at low cost or no cost.

We work with your organisation to develop capacity to continually refine and develop your approach to adaptation, including:

Net Balance has specific local government expertise and has developed a publicly available Adaptation Toolkit to assist organisations to incorporate climate change considerations across an organisation’s everyday operations.

Why Net Balance?

We provide a full range of climate change services to help our clients understand the issues, comply with legislation, manage their emissions and adapt to impacts. We have one of the largest teams of registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditors (RGEAs) in Australia. Our multidisciplinary team consists of engineers, accountants, scientists and economists who are quickly able to understand the technical, commercial and regulatory aspects of any project, allowing us to deliver high-quality services in a streamlined and efficient way.