Our environment is under continual stress from a resource hungry population, meaning that organisations who understand their environmental footprint and measure resource use, not only improve their impact on the environment but also become more competitive through better brand recognition in an informed society.

The Net Balance Environment team works with clients to go beyond compliance to deliver a more resilient organisation, through environmental protection, reduced costs, and sustainable resource use. 

Below are examples of some of the work we have done for our clients.

EPA Victoria

Net Balance assisted industries to manage and mitigate dust emissions on site as part of an overall strategic dust mitigation program for the region. Net Balance continues to work with EPA Victoria, industry and stakeholders on other programs to reduce dust and provide supportive predictive systems. Monitoring results support the success of this project.

Sustainability Victoria

Net Balance conducted a Recycling Market Analysis of brick, stone, concrete, timber and glass markets for Sustainability Victoria. This project included extensive stakeholder consultation across the market and recycling value chain for key materials. The study provided an analysis of market conditions, material flows, future growth scenarios and opportunities for development in Victoria. Sustainability Victoria used the outcomes of the market analysis, to developed their $550,000 Timber Recycling fund.


Net Balance prepared a cradle-to-grave Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of one of Frigoglass’ refrigerator ranges to help inform product design and business strategy. An LCA output calculator was built from over 100 separate unit processes, each modelled using an ISO 14040 based methodology and accessing international LCI databases using SimaPro LCA software. The calculator allowed Frigoglass to examine the potential environment improvements attainable by varying a range of different product specifications and end of life management options.

Environmental Audits

Net Balance undertook a number of  environmental audits  in relation to the risks to surface water and groundwater from sewerage assets managed by Water authorities. These authorities included all of the metropolitan authorities (Melbourne Water, South East Water, City West Water and Yarra Valley Water) and regionally for Coliban Water. The results of these audits provided further support and recommendations to the protection of surface water and groundwater from sewerage assets and developed further programs for Water Plan 3.

Department of the Environment

As part of the product stewardship programs for the take back of fluorescent lighting. Net Balance conducted a stock and flow modelling of recycling rates (derived from product specifications, usage characteristics and customer/scheme participant analysis).