Our environment is under continual stress from a resource hungry population, meaning that organisations who understand their environmental footprint and measure resource use, not only improve their impact on the environment but also become more competitive through better brand recognition in an informed society.

At Net Balance, we work with clients to go beyond compliance to deliver a more resilient organisation, through environmental protection, reduced costs, and sustainable resource use. View examples of some of the work we have done for our clients.

We offer services across the following areas:

Waste & resource efficiency

Our team is dedicated to working with industry and government to improve resource management, social impact and future solutions. We provide solutions from reducing generation of waste to increasing diversion of waste from landfill to a marketable resource. Net Balance has worked with Australia's Federal Government on a number of projects to support the National Waste Policy.

Our team understands key recycling markets and can provide detailed environmental, social and economic evaluations, including:

  • Market Analysis
  • Product Stewardship
  • Data management.

Life cycle assessment

Net Balance conducts life cycle assessments of products and systems using a comprehensive analytical methodology designed to systematically identify and quantify environmental impacts.

Our team has also prepared environmental product declarations to support clients in a world where transparency is now the norm.

Environmental advice & verification

We understand the environmental risks and regulatory controls that your organisation face and work with you to ensure your business strategies are comprehensive and competitive long term.

Our team has experience in statutory and compliance audits, due diligence and identifying and solving material issues.  We have also assisted regulators in program/policy evaluation and benchmarking to achieve world’s best practice.

Sustainable packaging

Net Balance provides expertise to assist companies address packaging sustainability from design through to downstream waste management. We have demonstrated significant unit cost savings through packaging reviews on national brands.

Our team has assisted many organisations to meet the requirements of the Australian Packaging Covenant.

Air quality management

Our highly experienced team of specialists can offer a full suite of services on air quality and have undertaken some of the largest air quality assessments undertaken in Australia.

Our work includes air emissions from large industrial sites. Also, specific assessments in relation to odour and dust.