Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act program compliance

The Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) Act requires liable entities to identify and investigate energy efficiency opportunities. In doing this, the program offers the greatest and most cost-effective scope for greenhouse gas emissions abatement and can have a strong influence on long-term profitability.

The EEO program is just one of a series of regulatory obligations facing Australia’s largest consumers of energy. However, as a number of organisations move into their second reporting cycle, rather than treating the Legislation as an additional obligation, the opportunity for businesses is to integrate energy efficiency into existing processes or leverage work already in progress.

Net Balance has a highly experienced team of energy efficiency auditors, equipment specialists, economists and engineers who have a detailed knowledge of the EEO Program. Net Balance has assisted clients in meeting their obligations under the EEO Act through the development of Assessment Plans, conducting energy assessments and developing reports in accordance with EEO requirements.

We have assisted companies in all aspects of EEO compliance, including:

  • The registration of the organisation
  • Development of the Assessment Plan (including Representative Assessment Plans)
  • Undertaking whole-of-business energy assessments, in accordance with the EEO framework
  • Conducting workshops with relevant stakeholders to prioritise the identified opportunities
  • Further feasibility assessments to evaluate the business case (both technical and financial)
  • Assistance with the development of EEO Government and Public reports.