Climate Change 

In today’s environment, business can no longer ignore the physical and regulatory impacts of climate change on their operations. The good news is that this presents opportunities, not just challenges, for organisations that act decisively. 

Net Balance's Climate Change team can help your organisation to maximise these opportunities through efficiently meeting compliance requirements, managing risks and thinking strategically. Our skills and experience range from helping organisations to comply with climate change regulatory programs, through to developing carbon strategies and achieving carbon neutral status.

We understand that the impending impacts of climate change are increasingly difficult to predict and hard to plan for. Our response is to support our clients to develop their capacity for managing the future, whatever it may look like. 

Below are examples of some of the work we have done for our clients.

Leighton Holdings

Over the past years, Net Balance has provided a limited level of assurance over Leighton Holdings’ NGER report, providing confidence to the organisation’s Board and management regarding the accuracy and completeness of its reporting. Net Balance’s registered NGER auditors also assisted the organisation with detailed recommendations to improve the quality and efficiency of their greenhouse and energy management and reporting processes.


Net Balance worked with Foster’s to achieve NCOS certification for its Cascade Pure beer. We carried out an extensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of their beer in accordance with the ISO 14040 series, accounting for carbon emissions from the picking of hops to the recycling of the bottle. Cascade Pure is a 100% carbon neutral beer certified under the Australian Government’s NCOS program, managed by Low Carbon Australia. It is one of only a few products approved under this scheme.

Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council (BCC) is Australia’s largest local government council. Net Balance helped BCC to progress a key component of its strategic climate change decision-making framework by producing an indicative marginal abatement cost (MAC) curve. This work has helped the council to prioritise opportunities for carbon abatement and energy efficiency. More recently, Net Balance assisted BCC in establishing the Scope 3 boundaries for their carbon inventory.

SITA Australia

SITA is one of Australia’s leading waste management companies, with activities encompassing the collection, treatment and disposal of waste around the country. Net Balance has provided a range of carbon services to SITA in recent years, including assistance in Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) compliance and a technical review of SITA’s carbon price modelling. Most recently, Net Balance conducted audits at a number of landfills and composting facilities to enable SITA to create carbon credits under the Carbon Farming Initiative.


Net Balance completed a cradle-to-grave Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of a number of CSR building products. CSR is one of the largest building product manufacturers and distributors in Australia. The objective of the LCA was to measure multiple environmental indicators including greenhouse gas emissions, energy, and several air and water quality parameters. The results of the LCA were used by CSR for a number of product assessment and reporting purposes.