Investors and range of other stakeholders (including employees, customers and community interest groups) are demanding greater transparency from business. In response, an increasing number of leading Australian and international businesses are broadening the scope of their reporting beyond financial performance.

New sustainability reporting frameworks like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 and Integrated Reporting will have an impact on the way you report and the way assurance is provided. The Net Balance Assurance team has been closely involved in the development of these global frameworks so we’re well placed to help you transition to these new ways of communicating your sustainability performance.

Below are examples of work we have done to provide assurance to our clients.


Specialists across all areas of sustainability

For the past 5 years we have provided NGER and Sustainability Report assurance to Woolworths, one of Australia’s largest retailers. Our integrated team of assurance specialists and recognised subject matter experts across the full sustainability value chain has enabled us to provide valuable insights through the assurance process. Integrating our NGER and Sustainability assurance teams has also enabled us to provide efficient and cost effective assurance services.

Assurance Standard: AA1000 AS


Embedding sustainability at the top

Net Balance has been providing sustainability assurance to Wesfarmers, Australia’s largest public conglomerate, for a number of years.  In our work, we have presented our recommendations to the Board, who have commented that recommendations are a valuable part of the public assurance statement. Further, instead of being ratified at the audit committee, the Sustainability report is now endorsed at a dedicated Board meeting – showing a commitment to sustainability from the top down.

Assurance Standard: AA1000 AS and ASAE3000


Long term relationships foster great opportunity

In our work for Stockland, Australia's largest diversified property group, we undertook a three-year relationship building on recommendations each year for continuous improvement. A multi-year engagement provides certainty over the process for both our client and our team and promotes cost savings as a result of efficiencies gained by having a consistent assurance team.

Assurance Standard: AA1000 AS


Contributing to internal capacity building

We identified an existing internal audit capability for IAG, one of the largest insurance providers in Australia. Net Balance has worked seamlessly with this team to deliver an integrated assurance offering which has not only resulted in cost savings for our client, but has delivered a new set of skills in sustainability metrics for the internal audit team.

Assurance Standard: ASAE3000


Global multinational experience

Our team has worked with Amcor for the past 5 years providing assurance over the Group’s Sustainability Report. This engagement involved a rolling program of assurance through their various business groups located here in Australia and internationally. Our ability to deliver complex multi-region assurance engagements has been demonstrated through our long term relationship with Amcor.

Assurance Standard: AA1000 AS

Australian Ethical 

Walking the talk with our clients

At Net Balance, we put an equal emphasis on both profit and purpose. We love it when our clients do the same. Working for one Australia's most respected ethical investment companies, Australian Ethical, we are inspired by their approach to ensuring the companies they invest in are doing good for the world. Over the years Net Balance has helped Australian Ethical move from internal assurance to external public assurance - taking them on the journey of continuous improvement.

Assurance Standard: AA1000 AS

Net Balance has consistently provided stand out service to Australian Ethical Investment. We believe our public reporting has been made more credible through the assurance process, and we know we can count on Net Balance to provide expertise in all areas of sustainability.
— Tom May, Company Secretary, Australian Ethical


Demonstrating best practice

Net Balance has worked with EnergyAustralia since they published their first whole of business sustainability report in 2011. Over that time we have transitioned the assurance program at EnergyAustralia from being purely data focused to including assessment against the AA1000 principles. This use of both the AA1000 and ASAE300 standards (our ‘hybrid’) approach is best practice – with Net Balance providing an opinion on the robustness of the data in line with the accounting standard, and the integration and management of sustainability generally, in line with the AccountAbility standard.

Assurance Standard: AA1000 AS and ASAE3000