About us

Net Balance is one of Australia’s largest and most significant providers of sustainability advice, assurance and research, combining strategic advice with rigorous technical capabilities.

Our team is made up of several service lines covering the full value chain of sustainability needs of our clients, including the following services; sustainability strategy and reporting, climate change mitigation and adaptation, energy assessment and strategy, economics and policy, community investment and social impact evaluation, environmental management and supply chain policy and practice.

Net Balance is proud to be a founding Australian B Corporation™, leading Australia into a better way of doing business.

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Our approach

At Net Balance we work with organisations within the commercial, government and not-for-profit sectors within a wide range of industries on all aspects of environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Our holistic view of the economy means our stakeholder lens is wide-angled, from your supply chain to your customers.

Our full-value chain sustainability capabilities and an unrivalled team means that our services in strategy, advice, metrics and assurance enables our clients to determine the opportunities and risks for remaining relevant and profitable in the future economy and maintain a competitive advantage.


Our experience

We believe for organisations to succeed, they must be led by purpose wedded with profit, and demonstrate shared and common value.

We have helped a large number of organisations accomplish their sustainability goals. Some of our clients include Woolworths, Telstra, Stockland, World Vision, NAB, AGL, Bunnings, Insurance Australia Group, Commonwealth Bank, EnergyAustralia, Officeworks, Australian Super, Lloyds Banking Group, Leighton Holdings and Transport for NSW.

The experience gained from working with large organisations ensures that our clients have access to ground breaking developments in the area of sustainability.

Examples of our work

Our research

The not-for-profit Net Balance Foundation explores Tomorrow’s Agenda through publicly available reports, often produced in partnership with leading organisations, industry associations and research bodies.

We strive to inspire organisational leaders with in-depth research and new thinking around emerging sustainability issues.

Net Balance also houses the Net Balance Research Institute focusing on academic quality research. One of the key goals of the institute is the development of thought leadership and knowledge creation in priority areas related to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Why Net Balance

We believe business is central to tackling the environmental and social challenges of the future. Our team works with organisations to develop new strategies, new ways of thinking and metrics to not only survive but thrive in this new economy.

Net Balance believes sustainability is more than economic advancement, environmental protection and social responsibility. It’s about building resilience and adaptability into your business by defining the issues, identifying the risks and opportunities and appropriately managing them.

Our values

Be inspirational

Lead, innovate, commit, and speak out. Act with passion, energy, and commitment. Inspire positive change. Hold sustainability central to our personal philosophy.

Be collaborative

Share knowledge with colleagues, clients and partners. Act with professionalism and integrity. Respect alternative views. Smile often. Have fun and enjoyment in life and work. Treat clients as colleagues and colleagues as clients. Build strong relationships with an open heart.

Be informed

Manage by fact. Never stop learning. Build on our strengths and manage our weaknesses. Make time to research. Think critically about issues. Be clear and considered in our communication.

Be accountable

Deliver on commitments. Provide solutions. Take responsibility for actions. Actively help clients move from good to great. Seek ways to contribute to the creation of the right organisation, the right solutions, and the right future. Care about the outcome.

Be effective

Be efficient, organise our time and our commitments, manage risk, and seek real progress. Deliver value. Look for resourceful solutions, and believe that there’s always a better way to achieve positive change. Take responsibility for delivering quality.

Our team

Our team of specialists combine deep technical skill, reliable research and commercial nous to offer an integrated strategic understanding of corporate sustainability. 

The Net Balance team is made up of technical and management specialists who are unrivalled in their fields of practice, including; sustainability reporting, social impact evaluation, greenhouse accounting and auditing, energy assessment and strategy, sustainability assurance, environmental management and auditing, life cycle analysis, waste management and resource efficiency, supply chain management and sustainable procurement, creating shared value and integrated thinking in sustainability.

We have subject matter experts in all areas of sustainability, with experience presenting at many different conferences and events.  If you are looking for a speaker contact us.